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the cookies

Thank you, Lauren.

The cookies were fantastic.

I liked the cookies very much.

I loved your cookies.

They were great.

The cookies were delicious.

You’re a fantastic cook.

Do you often make cookies?

How do you make these cookies?

I want to eat more of these cookies.

You are an excellent teacher and a very good cook.

I think your cookies are cool.

I ate only one cookie. I want more cookies.

From the students in class 1B and from Yolanda we want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH¡¡¡


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Ahora que hemos encontrado distintas formas de explicar qué es eso del S.M.D. con casitas, con círculos, con trocitos de papel vamos a ponerlo en práctica resolviendo algunos problemas que encontraréis en este enlace que pegamos a continuación:


Y si ya has terminado porque te ha parecido muy fácil aquí tienes otro enlace para seguir aprendiendo:


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We have flowers in the garden at school. The flowers are beautiful. They are small. They are yellow. We like the flowers. We take photos of the flowers for Pradolongfield.wordpress.com. The students take care of our flowers. The rain and the snow gives water to the flowers.

We planted the flowers to think about the Holocaust. Many people were killed but now many other people work for peace in the world. Life comes back after the winter. If you plant love you collect love.

Do you like the flowers?

Are they at the playground?

Are they at the football court?

Where are the flowers?

Do the students like the flowers?

Do the teachers take photos of the flowers?

Do you take photos of the flowers?

What colour are they?

Are they big?

Are they small?

How many flowers are there?

Write the answer to the questions in a comment.

More information about the project:



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El domingo nevó mucho.

Me gusta jugar con bolas de nieve.

Cuando nieva hace mucho frío.

Hoy no nieva pero hace mucho frío.

Ahora vamos a dibujar un parque con nieve.



                                                                    Soy una chica de Aula de Enlace

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